Black Gold?

Black Gold? For my Marketing Case Study I have chosen the brand Black Gold. For those of you who aren't the gardening type, this is a brand of soil. Black Gold is the most profitable brand of the company Sungro Horticulture. I would say that this brand's value proposition is: your ticket to a successful garden. This brand has undergone a packaging change for their product lines. Along with the packaging change, the people at Black Gold have created a new site to go with their new professional look. This new Black Gold site can be viewed conveniently below, along with one side by side comparison of the new packaging change:  Packaging:                 Old (left) vs New (right) One marketing promotion, that unfortunately just ended, was their "Ultimate Summer Container Garden" Sweepstakes. The only information that was needed to enter was an email address and first and last name. In class we discussed how this is permission marketing. In other word…

Social Listening

I chose to look up Cooking Fever on Twitter to see what people are saying. It appears as if their value proposition is 'addicting'. Their feed is nothing but comments about becoming obsessed or addicted to the game. Also a lot of crying emoji's due to their frustration over their new addiction. It's quite interesting to see both a love of the game and a frustration that they can't put the game down. People also post about how they received their free gems and coins. What's really interesting here is how in order to get those free gems you have to have another person download and play the game therefor spreading the addiction to other potential players. Or you can like it on Facebook or Twitter for half the amount of free gems. Now I love and play the game, but it is something to see the frustration that people have in liking it too much. It's real and actual complaining, almost like a warning to other people considering downloading the app. One post that st…

First Post

This class is a requirement for the Digital Imaging and Prepress Technology certificate I am pursuing. Even though I am not a business major I am interested in the various types of advertising that exist in this modern age. Outside of school I am interested in various television shows (ex: Bob's Burgers) and phone app games (ex: Cooking Fever.)

The article in Entrepreneur that I have chosen to write about calls to attention the four most common mistakes people make when incorporating social media marketing into their business. The first mistake people make is not using social media to interact with their followers. You need to do more than just answer questions. Get people excited about your business by incorporating fun things like memes, videos, or whatever your typical consumer base would enjoy. The second mistake is being overly promotional. The point of a social media profile for your business is not to be one giant advertisement generator. This will cause followers to become…